Fire Hydrant Services

fire hydrant working

FireAway has all the necessary certifications to install, repair, inspect, and test fire hydrants. Our fire hydrant services also include raising, turning, and relocating them. If you have a fire hydrant on your business property you need to have it tested every year. Most county and municipal governments go by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines that require annual testing.

Fire hydrants are unique and are critical in fire protection. Special tools and qualified technicians are needed to properly conduct repairs and maintenance. There are two main types of fire hydrants: wet-barrel and dry-barrel. Because they are always charged with water, wet-barrel hydrants are intended for use only in climates where the temperature never drops below freezing. Dry-barrel hydrants are more common and automatically drain after the water is turned off.

Normally, the water in your distribution system moves at a constant rate and pressure. Opening a hydrant too fast can create negative pressure which can cause a backflow. Closing a hydrant too quickly can cause something called water hammer, which is damaging to lines and equipment.

Fire Hydrants undergo a flow test every year. This test provides the flow pressure and volume of water from each hydrant, and the test reveals the hydrants that have mechanical problems. In addition to finding faulty hydrants, sediment can be flushed out and extends the life of the water main and improves water quality.

Do I have to shut off my water to have my fire hydrant repaired?
No, you do not, as most fire hydrants are equipped with its own isolation valve that allows repairs to be completed without turning off your water.

Must all problems be repaired immediately?
Yes, if any issues are found with your fire hydrant they must be repaired. The last thing you want is for it to fail when you need it most. 

We are certified in the state of Georgia including the special requirements in Cobb County. 

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NFPA 25 requires you to maintain your fire suppression systems and its testing and maintenance records. Inspections are to be performed on an Annual basis and examples of work to be done during inspections include:

  1. Inspect exterior of hydrant for damage or missing caps.
  2. Verify proper functioning. k Flow each hydrant to insure all debris / foreign material is clear.
  3. Observe proper drainage from the barrel.
  4. Lubricate stem, caps, plugs and threads.
  5. Inspect for accessibility.
  6. Winterize as necessary.
  7. Upon completion of inspection and any necessary repairs, applicable inspection documents and noted deficiencies shall be left at location and available electronically.

​Here at FireAway we have the expertise to get it done! Call or email us today at 770.918.0527, or

fire hydrant working